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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Remembering the cool bands

I remember listening to many bands, back when I was a young teen, that literally changed the way that I talked and dressed, so that I could appear cool, which I am not even sure, if anyone really noticed, whether I was cool or not.
This music video is from one of my favorite bands of the 70's who helped to steer me on the path toward listening to acid rock, heavy metal, and now, alternative rock. Before I heard this song, I was listening to music from the Carpenters , the seekers , the Cowsills, and some other folk type bands , believe it or not.
Here is another video for you to watch. Thank goodness for Ozzy is all I can say about that LOL.

Music from the 70's

Music from the 70's, when we were young teens, was very different from the music that we listen to today, because most of the cool sounding songs were influenced by the acid eaters of the 60's generation.
Many bands sang songs about peace and love, who often dressed in very colorful kinds of clothing, that most people in this day and age, wouldn't be caught dead wearing.
Here is a music video that you can watch, which will definitely take you back to those earlier times, when people could just sit back and enjoy the melodic cool sounds, whether they were getting high or not, which changed the way we thought about our life. It is my hope, for just one brief moment, that this video will be able to take your mind off of the stress that we are dealing with today in our life.