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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I was a fan of the original styx band

The song 'Lady' from the band Styx was the reason that I became a fan of their music ... except for the song 'Mr. Roboto' , which was a little to whacky sounding for me to get in to it. Anyways, with all that aside, I found that the song 'lady' to be on the cool side of the scale because it was a pretty rocking sounding love song.
I was saddened by the fact that the band eventually broke up. This video is from a reunion concert that didn't keep the band together after the reunion concert was over.
The rumor is that Tommy Shaw actually broke up the band because he claimed that Styx wasn't rocking enough for him, although when he joined the band 'Damn Yankees' , that band wasn't very rocking either, so you know that he left the band because of another reason, which had something to do with Dennis De Young being the leader of the band and not Tommy. Sometimes egos do get in the way, so I am going to agree with this reason instead of the other reason for the band's break up.
I hope that you will enjoy this live version of 'Lady' because the original band members sound pretty awesome when they sing together.