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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rocket Man

Rocket Man is one of my favorite Elton John songs. When I was in junior high Chorus, this song was one of the songs we chose to sing, during the school's annual spring concert. At that time, I could hit the high notes fairly easily, but when that school year ended, I made a bad decision to start smoking, and by the time the new school year began in September, I could no longer hit the high notes, as easily, so needless to say, I decided not to do the Chorus thing anymore.
On a brighter note, I haven't smoked a cigarette, since I quit cold turkey in 1984, on Smoke Enders day. As far as being able to hit the high notes again, I can, but it's just not the same :(
I chose this video because it sounded the closest to the studio version of this song. Enjoy :)

What is your favorite Elton John song?