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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Timothy ... A Song About Cannibalism

When I was a preteen I remember a song that I heard on the radio, which was kind of cool and gross at the same time.

The song "Timothy" was the song. It was written by Rupert Holmes, with the intention of it getting banned from air play.

This song only made it to #17 on the U.S. Billboard Charts back in 1971. The song was about 3 miners getting trapped in a mine because it collapses and then when they are finally rescued, there are only 2 miners.

When you listen to the song you will find out what happened to the third miner named Timothy


DeanO said...

to save my soul I don't recall this song...


This song played constantly on the radio in my home town. It probably didn't get as much air play in other places, just because it only made it to #17 on the charts, and also because it was a controversial type song.