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Friday, May 14, 2010

Spirit In The Sky

When I was a kid I thought this song was cool. Even though I wasn't brought up all religious like, during that time, I still thought that there was a heaven and a hell.
I actually like the music a lot more than the words to this song, but with that said, this song does give you a kind of happy peaceful feeling, when you listen to it.
This song was originally done by a guy named Norman Greenbaum, who probably tripped on acid before he did this song, don't quote me on that though.
A band called Doctor and the medics did a remake of this song in 1986, but when I saw the video, I just wasn't feeling the happy peaceful feeling, that I got from the original.
I am including the original version and the remake version, so that you can understand what I meant by, I just wasn't feeling it...

Which video did you like better, the original or the remake?