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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

x-rated song from the 70's

The first time that I heard this song I was sitting in my boyfriend's car and the song started playing. I am struggling with my memory on this one though, because it either was on the radio, or it was from a cassette tape ... Well, if it was playing on the radio, it was a pretty racy song for even the 70's era, and therefore, probably caused this song to lose air time, or it could have been totally censored from the radio.
With all that aside, I was dating a guy named Mike, who seemed cool at that time, because he was a friend of my cousin Pam's boyfriend Darren. They were not from the same town that we lived in because we actually preferred dating guys, who were from a different school, because we knew to much about the guys in our school. The school was so small and there was no mystery, in other words.
If your not familiar with this song it might be because unless you bought the album or cassette, you probably only heard J. Geils band's cleaner type songs, and there were not very many of them, as you know. I am almost positive that you will find this song to be one of the coolest songs written in the 70's.
Please leave a comment to let me know what you think about the J. Geils band or this song.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The magic penny :)

The summer which I first heard this song was back in 1977 ... I only had a few more weeks left of my summer vacation, before the new school year was to begin ... I was 15 years old, just in case you were wondering about that.

I consider this one of the cool things to happen to me when I was a teenager, among other cool things, in which I will be sure to blog about, in the future :) Well anyways, on the night that I first heard this song from the band Boston ... It was already dark outside, and me and three of my friends were walking up the hill from the South Colton Bridge ... I looked down at the side walk and spotted a shiny penny, which was heads up, so of course I picked it up. I then threw it up into the air and shouted, " LET'S PARTY !!! ", and the next thing you know, a truck drives by us at the top of the hill, that had two guys riding in the back of it , and it stopped at Boyce's grocery store.

One of the guys, who was riding in the back of the truck, asked us if we would like to party with them ... his name was Mark and the other guy's name was Bill ... well anyways, needless to say after he asked us if we would like to party, my three friends looked at me with their dropped jaws thinking ( was it a coincidence, or was it my wish on the penny coming true), and I told the guys " yeah we would love to party with you."

My reason for saying yes was that they looked cute and harmless, and that there was four of us and only two of them, and besides, anyone reading this post who comes from, or still lives in, a small town, would understand completely about the pure boredom that sets in, when you live day to day in a small town, where everyone knows your name.

Anyways, with all that small town stuff aside, the guys were from the Norwood-Norfork area, which automatically made them more appealing because I never wanted to date any guy in my classroom ... once or twice I did try to venture there, but it always turned out badly ... but enough about that, and back to the party story ... LOL ... anyways, Mark and Bill were in South Colton to work for the Hutchinsons, who lived down the same road that my best friend lived on, and they had a tent set up in their side yard, a distance from the house, so of course we partied and had fun in and outside of the tent ;) ... some of us got lucky ... some of us didn't, but needless to say, every time I hear the song " More than a feeling ", it takes me back to that time and place ...

Watch this video and enjoy ... I encourage everyone to please leave a comment about what they were doing, when they first heard any of these songs posted here, so please don't be afraid to write one :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in the day .... Most teenage girls had the hots for Peter Frampton, did you?

This was the time when we thought that we were the coolest thing to ever exist. We were young teenagers who hung out in groups of no less than 4 people at most times, and yes occasionally we would get into some kind of trouble, which was caused by adults posturing ... Yeah they did LOL
Anyways, beyond that I really did have a pretty cool teenage life when you don't count some of the bad decisions that I made when I was a freshman in high school. There were parties and sleep overs, and sometimes "girls behaving badly" We would play drinking games and sometimes sit around in a circle and puff puff pass. We would giggle so much and then the paranoia would set in and last but not least THE MUNCHIES ;)
As all this was going on, the radio was usually playing in the back round, and the song in this video would play, and we would all sing along wishing we could be Peter Frampton's girlfriend, even though he was probably something like 26 or 27 years old at that time and we were considered to be jail bate LOL
So,listen and enjoy this video, also try to think back to what you were doing when you first heard this song. I would love for you to leave a comment, so that we can compare notes LOL

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Records? What are those?

Remember when (if you were a teen in the mid to late 70's), you would get together with your friends to just hang out and listen to a bunch of record albums? ( Yeah, I know, "Records? What are those?") LOL
Not to veer too much off of the main subject but, both of my kids , who are grown up now, know all about records because I use to play them for my kids when they were little, and believe it or not, my oldest child likes to listen to a lot of the cool music from my generation like Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd , and AC/DC. But anyways, back to the main topic...
My friends and I grew up in a small upstate N.Y. town. The school had a total of 500 kids, K-12, yes, all in the same building, except that the elementary part of the school was on the far right end of the school, which have 2 classrooms for each grade level which is k-6 grades. Where as the left side of the school has an upstairs section for grades 9-12, and the downstairs of course is for grades 7 & 8. Well, needless to say, most of the kids in and around the grade that I was in, knew who I was. Where I am going with this is that a few of my friends were younger, and a few were the same age, and a few where older than me but, all of them seemed to liked the same kind of music that I listened to at that time.
Here is a video for you to watch, from yet another cool band from the 70's. I hope that you enjoy it :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Remembering the cool bands

I remember listening to many bands, back when I was a young teen, that literally changed the way that I talked and dressed, so that I could appear cool, which I am not even sure, if anyone really noticed, whether I was cool or not.
This music video is from one of my favorite bands of the 70's who helped to steer me on the path toward listening to acid rock, heavy metal, and now, alternative rock. Before I heard this song, I was listening to music from the Carpenters , the seekers , the Cowsills, and some other folk type bands , believe it or not.
Here is another video for you to watch. Thank goodness for Ozzy is all I can say about that LOL.

Music from the 70's

Music from the 70's, when we were young teens, was very different from the music that we listen to today, because most of the cool sounding songs were influenced by the acid eaters of the 60's generation.
Many bands sang songs about peace and love, who often dressed in very colorful kinds of clothing, that most people in this day and age, wouldn't be caught dead wearing.
Here is a music video that you can watch, which will definitely take you back to those earlier times, when people could just sit back and enjoy the melodic cool sounds, whether they were getting high or not, which changed the way we thought about our life. It is my hope, for just one brief moment, that this video will be able to take your mind off of the stress that we are dealing with today in our life.