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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dirty Deeds

There was a certain coolness, which you could feel, when you were hanging out with your friends, and listening to this kind of music. This song came out in 1976, when I was going to start my freshman year of high school. I wore my hair long, and I was usually wearing a tight t-shirt and tight blue jeans. What can I say, that was the style in the 70's, especially if you hung out with the party crowd.
Here is a rare version of 'Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap' with Bon Scott. I think that he had a much better voice than Brian Johnson, who was hired to take the place of Scott, after he had died. Johnson's voice has a deeper screechier sound than Scott's voice had. I like the Bon Scott version better.
I am including both versions of this song, so that you can hear the difference
between the two of them, and then you can choose the version that you like better.

I hope that you will let me know, which version you chose, by leaving me a comment.