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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Band On The Run

I remember hearing this song and thinking that it was cool sounding, because it combines a couple of different types of music, within the song. It starts out slow and then it ends up to be a pretty rocking song. Although, I do need to tell you that this song is a bit difficult to dance to, which I found out first hand, because while I was in the Army in 1979, my boyfriend and I tried to dance to it, and it ended up turning into a slow to fast, kind of slow dancing. I wasn't particularly disturbed by that though, because I found it to be kind of funny in a way, and I was smiling the whole time, while we were dancing to it.
I chose a live version from 1976, because live performances are always cool to watch.
Be sure to check out the clothing that people are wearing. I remember that my favorite thing to wear was halter tops and cut off jean shorts.

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DeanO said...

I never was a Paul McCartney fan after he left the Beatles and formed Wings. I loved what Ringo did but Paul's song never caught on but I fully understand his driving force behind the Beatles - and at 60 plus he still does getR done