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Monday, July 27, 2009

Another unscensored song from the 70's

This band may not have been from America, but they were a totally rocking Scottish band, and this song was cool, because it actually played on the radio, uncensored.
I use to listen to a Canadian FM radio station, chez (Shay) 106, I stand corrected, when I was a teenager, and that is where I heard this song play, without any bleeps, bells, or whistles.


histman said...

its chez 106 not "shea"


Either you are someone, who coincidentally, has the same identity on the web as my older brother, or you are my brother, who made this comment. He also would have had to enlighten me, on how to spell it. He has this thing about misspelled words, constantly giving me the correct spelling of words ... even while chatting on the net, and I am very good at spelling words, most of the time, because English class was one of my favorite subjects to learn about, and I am able to have a cool blog site on the net now, because I knew back then that someday I would be a writer :)

DeanO said...

I had this on 8-track and used to play it at the top end of my cheap Lafayette combo stereo, BSR record changer AM-FM. Mom would make me put my head phones on but I did like this song and haven't heard it since tuning in here to your blog.