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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Immigrant song totally rocked

While most of the teen age girls were listening to the softer side of rock, I was rocking out to the Immigrant song, which was on the Led Zeppelin III album. I didn't hear this song play until I was somewhere around 14 years old, but the album was released in October 5th, 1970.
Yet again, another cool 45 record, found amongst the piles and piles of 45's that my older brother, was lucky enough to receive, from that ceramic guy.
Here is a live video, which is from 1972.

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song (Official Music Video).

And now for a little bit of humor for your enjoyment. I was laughing so hard when I first watched it.

I dare you to leave me a comment about this video. An Elvis impersonator doing a Led Zeppelin song .... Classic.

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