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Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

This song was one of Sugar Loaf's top 10 hits. It rose to #9, on the U.S. billboard charts, in 1975.
When I was a teenager, I looked forward to Sundays, because that was when, Casey Kasem's top 40, would air, on our local A.M. radio station, WPDM, which finally acquired an F.M. station, about a year or two, before I went into the Army, and left my home town, for good.
I can't remember, what year it was, when my older brother won the contest from that radio station, where the prize was the top 40 show, which was on a double record album. I use to play it, when he was working at the library, unknown to him, until now.
Incidentally, I am not lucky. I never win anything of significance. Oh well, no matter. I am lucky in love, although I had to wait for it. Yes, good things come to those who wait, or who learn the hard way, like I did. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.
Sometimes, I would have 3 or 4, of my friends at my house, when the top 100, would be on the radio, and we would try to guess, what that weeks #1 song would be. The rule being that you had to guess it, before it got below a certain number.
This video is from a rock show, which consisted of band members from the 70's, who are singing, their top 10, hit songs. I was hoping to find a video, with the original band members singing it live, but unfortunately, I don't think there was a live performance, that was put on film, of that. If I am lucky enough to find it, in the future, I will definitely post it, for you to view.
Fingers crossed, everyone :)

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